Happy Birthday, Antonio Banderas, Today, August 10, You Are 52 Years Old



Birthday Happy birthday, Antonio Banderas!

  Antonio Banderas – with your devilishly sexy accent, and fantastic acting chops, you’ve been stealing hearts in movies since the 80′s! Congrats on your birthday, Zorro!

 Happy birthday, Antonio Banderas! Since you and your wife Melanie Griffith are both Leos, you two may have to wrestle over who enjoys the spotlight most. Luckily, your Aries Moon likes a good challenge! The risky world of film may not rev your Leonine ambition as much as businesses in which you have a direct stake, such as your winery in Spain. And with Pluto approaching the CEO of the skies, Saturn, you’re no coward when it comes to steering your company toward profitability. Just remember to keep sounding like Shrek’s saucy kitty for our own enjoyment!