Every one could agree with me that our eduation system will not provide what this country needs unless we change its cause and by this I dont means to change the curricullum and so but the methodology of teaching should change.

Between these three kids who do you think is right.

kid1: 1+1=2

kid2: 1+1= two ones

kid3:1+1= more than one

You and I could not agree more that kid1 is accurate. But let us be creative between these kids there is one who is rigid,  the other who has only two options and the other who tries more than one options and that is kid3.

Lets all watch this animated video of Sir, Ken Robinson. For more details visit ted.com

I like the kid3 since there is no problems that he can not try to see just one option but many. When training our kids at school to think in just one direction it creates a lot of issues that leads to challenges such as Fear, decision making, budgeting, family planning which we will discuss each ones on the coming days.

Lesson of the master mind by Napolean hill, “We can do it, if we believe we can”.