5 Ways You Could Give Your Cellphone Away For Free In Tanzania >_>

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Are you traveling to Tanzania any time soon?
Here are 5 ways you could give your phone away for free, know them and out-smart them!

1. Gold doesn’t come easy, don’t lose your phone out of greed.

8 years ago a friend of mine came to me distressed, saying that he lost everything for a watcher of rocks. What happened to him is, he met a stranger who told him that he had gold to sell and a buyer is waiting for him in town. He would give him 10% if he lends him his phone because he had lost his that very morning. Sensing his resistance the con man suggested that they take a taxing seeing that they were both going to town, my friend hold on to the sachet of gold and give him the phone so he may talk to the buyer. So it was done, when they reached town the con told him to wait in a certain area while he went to meet the buyer. My friend waited for hours with the gold which was actually gold colored gravels in his pockets thus he lost his phone.
They play with your inner greed so check your greedometer and keep your wits about you.

2. Goods in hand are broken or stolen, don’t trade your phone for a hand deal.

While sitting in the bus a fellow passenger engaged in a bargain with a vendor through the window. The vendor was selling a Nokia smart phone almost 50% lower than the buying price and offered to take the price 25% lower if my fellow traveller thrown in his old phone into the deal. He obviously did. Concerned about the functionality of the phone he asked to check out the phone first. It seemed to power up so he sealed the deal only to find out later that the phone had been exchanged for a similar dead phone when boxing! He had no time to recheck the phone when it was boxed because the bus was leaving.
Yeah, they can do quick swaps. Check, recheck and recheck before you make a purchase from a street vendor better yet stay off deals where you are in some kind of pressure, time, crowd etc

3. People are poor and troubled, save your cellphone.

A few years ago, I gave away my phone to a con. A young boy who seemed troubled approached me and asked me if I was going to the hospital. Sure enough I was that’s why I was cued on that side of the road. So any ways he tells me that his mum is seriously sick and needs surgery. He had got part of the money but has to go see his uncle for the other part. The surgeon has agreed to commence with the OP if he pays the first half but he must pay the second half before noon so he needs someone to deliver the money to his brother who is with his mum at the hospital while he goes to his aunt. He hands me an envelope with the supposed money. Because its too crowded and in fear of attracting attention I just take a quick glance and I see what seems as a stack of thousands. He adds that he would entrust me the money but he has no phone and would be a great idea if I could give him one so that he may communicate with me. My logic thought something is not right but my I’ve been ina situation where I would trust anyone to save my mum so my heart took over and I fell for the trap. I lost my phone and the stuck of money turned out to be a single note of a thousand and a bundle of paper cuttings.
That’s how they do it, creatively play with your emotions so only help people you know if you feel charitable then find legit organization to offer your help.

4. If they are in the club they should top up her phone, don’t give your cellphone to a stranger.

OH- A friend of a friend came to visit him in the city and they hit a club. After they gallop a few drinks a chic looking female spots them and joins the meriment over. In a couple of hours she suggests they move to another spot where she guarantees is happening but asks for his phone to call her roommate because her phone is out of credit. Because the music is loud she asks if she can be excused to talk outside, he reluctantly agrees. She disappered into the dark and so did his phone.
Appearances are deceiving, your mum’s advice of not talking to strangers is a valuable lesson to hang on to.

5. If it’s your phone, you couldn’t possibly have picked it up from the gutter!

A few weeks ago, a woman called and claimed that the phone I was using is hers and I must have picked up where her daughter had dropped it. She begged me to meet her and talk about it and that she would pay me 100,000 Tshs for it. The story was sbdurx because I bought the phone from abroad and I have proof so I told her so. When she couldn’t get me to fall for it (I’m wiser now) she got her partner to call me posing as a customer care personnel from my service provider and asking me to return the phone to it’s owner. I asked him when was lost/stolen claims addressed by customer care services and suggested that if the claimnant has proof of purchase then she should go to the police and let them do their job and that’s how years of experince helped me save my cellphone!
Don’t accept suggestions for a meetup when the situation is obviously absurd.

Have you or anyone you know fall for these or similar tricks? Share the experience with us so that others may travel smart 🙂


Picha 6 za SHOW ILIYOFANYWA JANA MJINI KIGOMA Leka Dutigite‬ @ Lake Tanganyika Stadium,

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Mh Zitto Zuber Kabwe akiongea na wananchi wa Kigoma

Lake Tanganyika Stadium ukiwa umetapika kwa wingi wa watu

@halimamdee @esteramosbulaya na Joshua Nassary

Wabunge wakikichekecha

Wabunge wakikichekecha

photo source:djchoka


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Marehemu Patrin Kibelloh aliefariki ghafla siku ya Jumanne July10, 2012. amezikwa Ijumaa July13 kwenye makaburi ya Gardner, West Roxbury, Massachusset Nchini Marekani.

Baadhi ya ndugu na marafiki waliohudhuria katika msiba huko nyumbani kwake Saugus, Boston Massachusset.

Marehemu Patrin Kibelloh amepata mafunzo katika Institute proffesional & Restaurant mjini Boario nchini ITALY alizaliwa April 25,1963 huko Tanzania ameacha mke wa Watoto wawili akiwa na umri wa miaka 49. (Picha zote na swahilivilla.blogspot.com)


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KOCHA Mkuu wa Simba Milovan Cirkovic amesema kikosi chake hakipo imara katika kiwango kile anachokihitaji kwa ajili ya Michuano ya Kagame ambayo timu nyingi zinajiandaa vizuri.
Wachezaji ambao viwango vyao havijamridhisha ni Haruna Moshi ‘Bobani’, Mwinyi Kazimoto, Juma Nyosso na Amir Maftar na hivyo amepanga kuwapa mazoezi kuwarudisha kwenye line.
Simba inatarajiwa kucheza mechi yake ya kwanza Jumatatu ijayo na URA ya Uganda saa kumi jioni na mchezo mwingine utapigwa kati ya Villa Club na Ports saa 8:00 mchana kwenye Uwanja wa Taifa. (Stori imeandikwa na shaffihdauda.com)

Picha 18 za BET AWARD

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Big-Sean Michelle na Letoya

Boris Kodjoe

Buster Rhymes


Faith Evans


Jamie Fox

Kanye akishukuru baada ya kupokea tuzo

Jayz na Kanye wakifurahia tuzo yao baada yakuipokea

Meaan good



Rick Ross

Swizz Beatz


Willow na Jaden-Smithhabari kamili
Kundi la hip hop la Kenya, Camp Mulla limeshindwa kutamba kwenye tuzo za BET, baada ya kipengele lililokuwa limetajwa kuwania kuwaendea WizKid na Sarkodie.
Kipengele hicho cha Best International Act Africa, kimewaendea wasanii hao wawili kwa pamoja, WizKid wa Nigeria na Sarkodie wa Ghana.
Hata hivyo CampMulla hawakuweza kuhudhuria tuzo hizo baada ya kukosa visa ya kusafiria hadi Los Angeles nchini Marekani.
Hii ni list ya washindi wengine katika tuzo za BET 2012, zilizotolewa alfajiri ya leo kwa saa za Afrika Mashariki.
Centric Awards:
Best Group:
The Throne – Jay-Z and Kanye West
Best Actor:
Kevin Hart – Think Like A Man
Best New Artist:
Big Sean
Best Male R&B Artist:
Chris Brown
Best Collaboration:
Wale featuring Miguel
Best Gospel:
Yolanda Adams
Best Female R&B Artist:
Best Female Hip-Hop Artist:
Nicki Minaj
Video Of The Year:
Jay-Z and Kanye West
Humanitarian Award:
Al Sharpton
Viewers’ Choice:
Mindless Behavior
Video Director Of The Year:
Beyonce and Alan Ferguson
AOL Fandemonium Award:
Chris Brown

Photosource: Getty images for BET


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Msanii Chegge Chibunda kutoka kundi la Wanaume Family akifanya makamuzi ndani ya Dar Live usiku wa kuamkia Jumatatu.

Mhe. Temba wa Wanaume Family akishusha burudani kwa mashabiki waliofurika katika ukumbi wa Dar Live usiku wa kuamkia leo.

Hamis Mwinjuma a.k.a MwanaFA akiliteka jukwaa la Dar Live.

Bi. Cheka wa Wanaume Family akifanya makamuzi. Pembeni ni Temba.

Dogo Aslay wa Wanaume Family akiwarusha mashabiki wa Dar Live.

Ferouz akiimba pamoja na umati wa mashabiki uliofurika Dar Live.

Malkia wa mipasho, Khadija Kopa akiwarusha mashabiki wa taarab.

umati wa watu walioitikia shoo hiyo.

Wasanii wa kundi la Wanaume Family, MwanaFA, Ferouz na Khadija Kopa jana walifunika vilivyo katika ukumbi wa burudani wa Dar Live uliopo Mbagala Zakhem jijini Dar es Salaam kwenye tamasha la Wanaume Family Spesho.

photo source:RICHARD BUKOS/GPL)

Mwigizaji Vengu Atua Bongo, Afichwa!!

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MUNGU mkubwa lakini madaktari wa Kihindi nao ni noma! Ndivyo alivyoanza kusimulia shuhuda aliyemuona staa wa Orijino Komedi ‘OK’, Joseph Shamba ‘Vengu’ anayedaiwa kutua Bongo kwa siri na kufichwa, Amani limeinyaka.
Kwa mujibu wa shuhuda huyo, Vengu aliyekuwa akitibiwa maradhi ya kichwa kwenye Hospitali ya Apollo nchini India tangu mwaka jana, alitua Bongoland hivi karibuni na kufikia nyumbani kwao maeneo ya Mabibo jijini Dar es Salaam.
Alisema kuwa Vengu ambaye alilazwa Hospitali ya Muhimbili tangu Agosti, mwaka jana na baadaye kuhamishiwa India baada ya hali kuwa tete, tangu atimbe nchini amekuwa akifanyishwa mazoezi ya kutembea kwa siri.
“Kuongea anaongea lakini siyo vizuri sana, inaelekea ulimi ni mzito. Mtu ukilazwa karibia mwaka mzima bila kuongea huwezi kunyanyuka tu na kuongea,” alisema shuhuda huyo.
Katikati ya Mei, mwaka huu ilidaiwa Vengu angerejea nchini wakati wowote baada ya afya yake kutengemaa lakini ndugu mmoja wa karibu (jina lipo) alisema walipindisha taarifa na kumleta kwa siri kupitia mlango wa VIP kwenye Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Mwalimu Julius Nyerere jijini Dar.
Amani lilizungumza na wachekeshaji wenzake juu ya kutua Bongo ambapo baadhi walikiri na wengine kudai hawajui chochote.
Hata hivyo, Mkurugenzi wa Orijino Komedi, Sekioni David ‘Seki’ alipopigiwa alisema kuwa hawezi kuthibitisha lolote hivyo Amani liwatafute ndugu wa staa huyo.
Alipotafutwa ndugu wa staa huyo, alidai kuwa kweli Vengu yupo Bongo lakini alihamishwa Mabibo na kupelekwa Kimara, Dar anakoishi na shangazi yake kwa sasa akiendelea na mazoezi ya kutembea.
Vengu alikuwa akikabiliwa na ugonjwa uitwao Brain au Cerebral Atrophy. Ugonjwa huu husababisha seli za kichwani kukosa mawasiliano na sehemu nyingine na mgonjwa huzimia mara kwa mara

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