Precision Air launches new website, embarks on social media campaign

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Dar es Salaam – July 24th, 2012. Precision Air-Tanzania’s leading airline has today launched its new company website and embarked on a social media campaign, which aims at improving relations with its customers as well as sharing important information with its publics in an efficient manner.

Speaking via YouTube in Dar es Salaam Precision Air’s Acting Commercial Director Mrs. Lilian Massawe said that the new website was specially designed to be user-friendly for customers and suited with all information necessary about the company, as well as state-of-the art features to accomplish their travel plans.

“Among the special features that we have added unto the new website is information about all our 16 destinations as well as an Internet Booking Engine that will enable customers to book and play online with their Master or Visa credit cards,” said Mrs. Massawe.

The website www.precisionairtz.com also comes with an electronic customer feedback form, which will allow the company to get direct and valuable feedback from customers wherever they are in the world.

Meanwhile, the airline has also launched a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so as to go with market trend of having an online presence, as well as an interactive setting with clients.

“Our online social media campaign therefore aims at increasing our company’s trustworthiness, good will and direct engagement with our customers. We also believe this will generate a highly powerful traffic for our new website as well as discover our customers’ preferences online,” said Precision Air’s Corporate Communications Officer, Amani Nkurlu.

“We would like to welcome all our supporters to like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/PrecisionAirTz and follow us on Twitter via www.twitter.com/PrecisionAirTz and get a chance to win wonderful prizes from Precision Air,” Mr. Nkurlu added.

In 2011 the airline launched an Internet Booking Engine known as Click and Fly aimed at making bookings easily accessible and payable through credit cards transactions. Year 2010 also saw the launch of PW-SMS, a product which enables a passenger to inquire ones flight up-dates simply by the push of the button on ones mobile phone.

Precision Air currently offers the widest connections to all major towns in Tanzania including Mwanza, Bukoba, Musoma, Kigoma, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Zanzibar, Mtwara, Dar es Salaam. Regionally, the carrier flies to Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya, Entebbe in Uganda, Hahaya in Comoros, Lusaka in Zambia, Lubumbashi in Congo DRC as well as Johannesburg in South Africa. Plans are underway to conquer more destinations in the SADC region and further afield.

Issued by the Corporate Communications Office

Tel: 0786 404 010/0712 223 839


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Tanzanian renowned fashion designer Sheria Ngowi whose work has set a high benchmark in fashion designing in the country released a statement today to address the ongoing allegations circulating on social media regarding a counterfeit of one of his 2011 creations.

Sheria Ngowi confirms that the design in question is his own creation and was created in his current workshop located in China in 2011 while working on the Miss Tanzania 2011 Collection. The workshop is shared by different designers and buyers from across the world.

“The business of counterfeit goods is the largest underground industry in the world. Fashion design is huge business in Asia and is a booming industry globally but sadly so is the fake designer garment industry . Fashion designers in various countries are struggling to keep up with their clothes being copied and are facing a losing battle in many cases.” Said Mr. Ngowi when addressing the matter. “Seeing people selling imitations of your clothes is not easy to swallow since it means financial loss for your business”.

One of the issues contributing to high piracy of designer clothes is the dramatic rise in fashion industry and the internet. The more fashion designers get exposure, the more the chances are of their designs being copied. There are so many fashion events these days, and with the rise of social media most high-end designs are available online within moments of the garments being worn. Buyers from around the world seize these opportunities to make copies and sometimes unfortunately from the same workshops that the designers use to produce their work.

“Some designers have been quoted saying that fashion imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When one’s designs are copied it goes to show that they have really made an impact in the industry. But I say, it is really when the imitation is so blatant that you can’t tell a difference between the imitated and the imitator that flattery becomes mockery” said Mr. Ngowi .

Any type of infringement is serious and spells financial disaster for the business involved. In the world of fashion, however, the existence of copycats is ten-folds than  anywhere else. Some of the most recent copyright designer battles involved mega brands like Gucci vs Guess, Prada vs Zara, and DVF vs Forever 21 where the small retailers were sued by the big designer houses for taking “designer inspiration” too far till one cannot tell the difference.

Mr. Ngowi wishes to assure his loyal customers, friends and supporters that the allegations of him copying a dress by another designer are completely false and inaccurate.  He confirms to be the creator of the alleged dress. He has further information of the dress being copied in other countries apart from China and he is working with his Legal Advisors to take the necessary legal steps against the perpetrators.


Walter Thomas Ngowi is a lawyer by profession, who became a fashion designer known as Sheria Ngowi because his passion for fashion turned into a real business and the label preferred by many African and Arab executives.

In 2008 he launched his first capsule collection under the name of Sheria Na Mavazi in Mysore. And in 2009 it was the year of change when he launched: Year of the Gentleman, the very first men’s collection inspired by and dedicated to his late father, the man  ”responsible” for his passion for men’s fashion.

Sheria went on to successfully design the collection for Miss Tanzania 2011 which skyrocketed him to the top when in the same year he was named menswear designer of the year.

Later that same year he was featured in the GQ Italia, one of the most premier men’s fashion magazines worldwide where he was compared to the likes of Tom Ford.
Sheria is currently working to launch his store in a few months to come that will include both men and women designs



TWITTER: @SheriaNgowi


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Ronaldinho it seems is a Pepsi fanboy to such an extent that he didn’t hide his love for the cola brand, despite having a £500,000 ($772,000) deal with Coca-Cola.
The 32-year old lost the juicy endorsements deal, all because the star footballer was caught sipping Pepsi, which prompted the guys at Coke to cancel his deal altogether. So much so that his fondness for the soft drink has cost the Brazilian football legend a sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola worth £500,000 ($772,000) a year.
“The fact that the player has appeared with a can of Pepsi was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Coca Cola marketing chief Marcelo Pontes told the paper. “The sponsorship had become embarrassing.” Well that makes this the most expensive can of Pepsi till date!

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Microsoft DEMOAfrica Conference Hits Tanzania July 19

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DEMO Africa, the African edition of DEMO Conferences, the world-renowned “launchpad for emerging technology and trends,” today announced the kick off to its Innovation Tour in search of the most promising technologies to showcase at the upcoming DEMO Africa 2012 Conference, to be held Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – July 19, 2012.

DEMO Africa executive director Harry Hare and the DEMO Africa team will travel to cities across the continent to meet with potential demonstrators for the upcoming DEMO Africa 2012 conference. DEMO Africa is teaming up with incubators and venture capital firms in each city, where startups will be selected to present their product or concept to CIO Magazine Publisher and DEMO Executive Director Harry Hare and top local investors, for consideration to take part in the class of DEMO Africa 2012 launch demonstrators.

Each selected company will also have the opportunity to address and network with a larger audience at an evening DEMO Africa Innovation Tour party open to local entrepreneurs, VCs, investors and media. “We are excited to be getting on the road for this first African Innovation Tour to meet with the entrepreneurs who are creating tomorrow today,” said DEMO Africa executive director Harry Hare. “Each stop on our tour provides a unique opportunity to ignite the DEMO Africa community and we are looking forward to bringing together local investors, VCs, media, as well as potential demonstrators for the upcoming DEMO Africa conference.”

Destinations on the DEMO Africa Innovation Tour include:

Kampala, Uganda – July 17, 2012 Register to attend the Tour Event here: http://demokampala2012.eventbrite.com/

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – July 19, 2012 Register to attend the Tour Event here: http://dadar2012.eventbrite.com/

Nairobi, Kenya – July 14, 2012 Register to attend the Tour Event here: http://danairobi2012.eventbrite.com/

Kigali, Rwanda – July 22, 2012 Register to attend the Tour Event here: http://dakigali2012.eventbrite.com/

Johannesburg, South Africa – July 18, 2012 Register to attend the Tour Event here: http://dajoburg2012.eventbrite.com/

Innovation Tour visits are also planned for Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco the dates for these will be announced in due course.

Stay connected with DEMO Africa through the communities on the following sites:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DEMOAfrica

LinkedIn: http://www.demo-africa.com/linkedin

Twitter: http://twitter.com/demoafrica

To learn more about DEMO Africa 2012 go to: http://www.demo-africa.com

About the DEMO Conferences
Produced by the IDG Enterprise events group in conjunction with CIO Magazine, the DEMO conferences in Africa, the United States and China focus on emerging technologies and new product innovations, which are hand selected from across the spectrum of the technology marketplace. The DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies, and have served as launch pad events for companies such as Palm, E*Trade, Handspring, and U.S. Robotics, helping them to secure venture funding, establish critical business relationships, and influence early adopters.

For more information on the DEMO conferences, visit http://www.demo.com/.

The DEMO community also benefits from the award winning DEMOletter. A weekly e-newsletter designed to reach the people who are creating companies, building products and launching new ideas, DEMOletter provides smart insight and analysis of entrepreneurial business issues. To subscribe, go to: http://www.demo.com


About IDG Enterprise
IDG Enterprise, an International Data Group (IDG) company, brings together unique editorial brands (CIO, Computerworld, CSO, DEMO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World) to serve the information needs of our technology and security-focused audiences. As a digital-centric media company we serve our reader and advertiser audiences with award-winning content and community, driving conversation and conversion, across our entire portfolio of awarding-winning, websites, events, magazines, products and services. In addition, the CIO Executive Council, a peer advisory service, brings together the USA’s top CIOs, as well as provides community and leadership development tools for their staffs.

Company information is available at http://www.idgenterprise.com.

Additional information about IDG, a privately held company, is available at http://www.idg.com

All product and company names are trademarks of their respective companies.



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50 cent alipata ajali mbaya sana, usiku wa kuamkia Jumatano baada ya gari lake aina SUV ambayo ni “bullet proof” kugongwa na lori kubwa upande wa nyuma wa gari yake hiyo. Na badae kukimbizwa hospitali ya Queens, kwa uchunguzi wa mwili zaidi, hasa hasa mgongo na Shingo. Hata hivyo dereva wake pia amalezwa kutokana na kugongwa na lori hilo


are they really the Topiest Richest People In Tanzania??? please put your comments about that

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1. Said Salim Bakhresa

Who is Said Salim?
Said Salim Awadh is the founder and chairman of the Bakhresa group f companies in Tanzania. He is an industrialist, philanthropist and entrepreneur who has created a successful business empire consisting of several companies in only three decades.

How wealthy is Said Salim?
Said Salim is undoubtedly one of the richest people in Tanzania. His business empire is vast and has operations in Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda and Malawi. Some of said Salim’s wealth include

• Azam grain milling
• He has also invested in passenger sea transportation
• Sale and marketing of plastic packaging materials
• He also has vast interest in the food and drinks industry.

2. Aziz Abood

Who is Aziz Abood?
Aziz Abood is also one of the richest men in Tanzania. The Tanzanian tycoon has invested in many sectors of the economy like passenger transportation, information and communication (owns tv and radio station), food factories and truck manufacturing company.

3. Nasoro (Superstar / Super-doll)

Nasoro is also a rich Tanzanian who has made massive investments. The economy of Tanzania is incomplete without the mention of Nasoro’s businesses. Some of the businesses Nasoro owns include;

• Real estate properties
• Passenger transportation (superstar buses, royal buses)
• Logistics (doll trailers)
• Also owns a considerable number of shares in Mtibwa sugar company.

4. Mohamed Dewji

Mohamed Dewji is yet another rich person in the republic of Tanzania. Dewji has a sizeable number of investments and businesses ranging from factories, commercial and residential properties and shares in many of the leading companies in Tanzania.

5. Reginald Mengi
Reginald Abraham Mengi is a well known Tanzanian industrialist, entrepreneur and media mogul. Mengi is the founder of IPP Group which is one of the region’s biggest privately owned companies. The company has its base in the city of Dar es Salaam. Other than the IPP Group, Mengi also has interests in;

• IPP consulting company
• Coca-cola franchise holder (Bonite bottlers and Kilimanjaro spring water)
• IPP Media which comprises of the Guardian, Alasiri, Nipashe, independent, kasheshe, ITV, EATV, sky fm and the east Africa radio.

6. Michael Ngaleko

Michael Ngaleko is also among the richest people in Tanzania. He is believed to own a considerable number of shares in some of the biggest companies in east Africa. He also has an interest in Precision air which is a regional airline that specializes in passenger and cargo transportation in the east African region.

7. Fida Hussein (Africarriers)
Fida Hussein is yet another of the richest people in Tanzania. Some of the businesses associated with this business personality include;

• Africarriers,
• Commercial and residential properties including raha and Zahra towers.

8. Yussuf Manji
Yussuf Manji is another of the top richest people in Tanzania. He owns substantial interest in some of the largest companies in the region and is believed to be worth hundreds of millions of Tanzanian shillings. He has invested in properties (both residential and commercial), the auto industry and he is also the founder of the Quality Group.

9. Nazir Mustafa Karamagi

Rounding up of our top richest people in Tanzania is Nazir Mustafa Karamagi. He is a successful businessman believed to be worth hundreds of millions of shillings. He is the owner of the famous Tanzania international container.

Apart from the above mention people, honorable mention also goes to the following individuals who are also believed to be among the richest in tanzania

• Edward Ngoyayi Lowassa
• Mohamed Aboud
• Tarimba Abass
• Philemon Ndesamburo

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